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Welcome To Neelkanth Hospital

NEELKANTH HOSPITAL has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2001 as an brainchild of Dr Himanshu Garg and Dr Bindu Garg. Both of them had prior experience of running Hospitals successfully. Dr Himanshu Garg is one of the leading physicians of North India and Dr Bindu Garg is one of the best infertility specialists. They conceived the idea of a hospital dedicated to the people of Gurgaon when there were very few hospitals in the vicinity. Today Neelkanth Hospital is one of the Leading Multi Super Specialty Hospitals in NCR. Our motto “is to provide the best of health services in a caring environment’’. Since ‘’ we have the experience’’ we are placed in an unrivalled position as it is the experience that counts in the field of health sciences. We are also aware of our social responsibilities and have therefore joined hands with a number of NGO’s working towards the development of the weaker sections of society.

NEELKANTH HOSPITAL is one of the best IVF / test tube baby centre and surrogacy centre in India where patients from India and abroad come for IVF treatments and Surrogacy. Besides giving Gurgaon its First IVF baby in 2003 itself, it is providing IVF training to Doctors from India & abroad through training arm " Neelkanth Institute of Reproductive Sciences ".

Department of Reproductive Sciences at Neelkanth Hospital is headed by Dr Bindu Garg, Co founder of Neelkanth Group of Hospitals and one the the best infertility/ivf specialists in India, along with Dr Himanshu Garg who is one if the leading physicians in North India. Dr Bindu Garg is Post Graduate in Reproductive Sciences from MONASH University, Australia under the expert guidance of Dr Allen Trousen (an ICON in field of IVF). She has more than 25 years experience in this field and has brought a smile on thousands of faces through her specialized knowledge and procedures.

Dr Bindu Garg gave Gurgaon its first test tube baby in 2003 and is a beacon of light for childless couples from India and abroad. She has to her credit more than 5000 successful IVF Procedures which is one of the highest in North India.

IVF in India or Infertility treatment in India compared to other countries is cost effective and the patients get the best of treatment and care. This is the reason why medican tourism into India on account of infertility treatment is on the rise.

It is important to note that there is a serious shortfall of doctors who specialise into Reproductive Sciences and that is the main reason why the benefits of Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) can't be reaped by a vast majority of our population.

Neelkanth Institute of Reproductive Sciences (NRIS) is a STEP in imparting the doctors specalised knowledge in IVF, to enable them to help childless couples in places far and wide, and every corner of India and abroad. Being a leading IVF Centre which does one of the maximum IVF Cycles in India , doctors who come to train with us get hands on experience which is rare in the sense that most of the IVF Institutes in India are not running IVF Centres. So the Doctors who train in these institutes only get a theoretical knowledge. Our mission is to ensure that the best of treatment is available to every childless couple through the doctors trained by us. NIRS is one of the leading Infertility & laparoscopy training institutes in India.

Reproductive Sciences

Dr Bindu Garg (Head Dept of Reproductive Sciences) gave Gurgaon its First Test Tube Baby in 2003.

Medicine and Diabatology Department

Our Medicine Department is manned by two of the leading physicians in North India.

Urology & Laparoscopy Department

Dr. Vikram B Kaushik, MS, MCh(Urology) having vast experience is our chief Urologist.

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

We are pioneers in NCR into all kinds of Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Cardiology Department

We are equipped with all the latest techniques & facilities to handle all sort of cardiological ailments.

Nephrology Department

This department was unveiled recently on our 6th anniversary


Neelkanth hospital has handled the maximum trauma & accident related cases in Gurgaon

Radiology & Pathology Department

We believe that for a Hospital to be proactive, a world class laboratory is required.

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