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IVF treatment can offer a solution for fertility problems experienced by both men and women. In IVF, the female’s eggs are fertilised with the male’s sperm in a laboratory to create an embryo. The embryo is later transferred to the uterus of the female and after some time, she is tested for pregnancy.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a well-known assisted reproductive technology (ART) used to help a couple conceive.



Compared to other fertility treatments, IVF treatment offers the best chance of success. The success rate varies based on factors such as age, medical history, and investigation results.

Concieve through IVF IVF is a good option for the couples who cannot conceive through the conventional methods.



Ovulation disorder
Blockade of falloian tube or damage to fallopian tube
Genetic disorder
Depleted sperm production
Unexplained infertility
Advanced maternal age

IVF & Test Tube Baby Treatment PROCESS

IVF with the eggs of the female partner and sperm of the male partner


Step 1
Visit By Patients For Medical Examination

Both the male and female partner visit the clinic for a thorough medical examination and blood tests. They also consult with an embryologist. Using the test results, the fertility specialist determines which IVF programme is most appropriate for the couple and explains the treatment process in detail.


Step 2

The female partner needs to visit on day two or three of her menstrual cycle, when hormonal investigations are done along with an ultrasound. The ovaries are stimulated with medication to promote the growth of follicles containing the eggs; this process can last for eight to 12 days. The response of the ovaries (quantity and quality of follicles recruited) is monitored through ultrasounds and blood investigations at regular intervals.


Step 3
Egg Collection

After eight to 12 days of taking the medicine, an injection (trigger) is given to assist with the final maturation of the egg and loosening of the egg from the follicular wall. The patient must visit the clinic for the egg retrieval process, which takes place 34 to 36 hours after the trigger is given. The retrieval process is a day care procedure that is performed with ultrasound guidance under sedation. Once retrieved, the eggs are processed by an embryologist in the ART laboratory.


Step 4
Sperm Collection

On the same day, the male partner provides a fresh semen sample, which is analysed and processed by an embryologist in the ART lab. If required, sperm can be extracted from a testicle or epididymis in a separate procedure.


Step 5

Different procedures can be used to fertilise the collected eggs. In this step, the sperm that were processed in the previous step are used to fertilise the eggs. Each mature egg receives a single healthy sperm. Sixteen to 18 hours after the eggs receive the sperm, they are checked to see if fertilisation has taken place. An egg that is fertilised is referred to as an embryo; the embryo is then cultured in an incubator for several days.


Step 6
Embryo Transfer

Based on the quantity, quality and growth of cultured embryos, the embryologist selects the best embryo and an appropriate day for transfer into the uterus of the female partner.


Step 7
After Fertilization

After the embryo transfer, specialists may prescribe medicines to enhance the chances of embryo implantation. After the stipulated period of time, pregnancy tests are conducted to confirm pregnancy.

The Best IVF Experts in Our Clinic

Dr. Bindu Garg

Infertility & IVF Specilist

Dr. Neha Gupta

(OBS & Gynae)

Dr. Rupali Goyal Bassi

Senior Consultant IVF & Reproductive Biology

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Explore the possibility of Surrogacy at Neelkanth

Surrogacy is a viable option for the couples in which mother is unable to give birth to a child due to some medical or undesirable medical grounds

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother provides the oocyte as well as the uterus to foster pregnancy. However, in IVF surrogacy (otherwise known as ‘gestational surrogacy’ or ‘full surrogacy’), the surrogate mother carries a genetically unrelated baby produced by the gametes of the commissioning couple.

Gestational surrogacy is conducted at Neelkanth Infertility Hospital. Indications for gestational surrogacy include:
♦ Conditions where the uterus is absent congenitally or after hysterectomy
♦ Patients with damaged uterus as in asherman’s syndrome, multiple fibroids etc
♦ Recurrent abortions, Rh incompatibility or cervical incompetence
♦ Patients with repeated failure of IVF treatment
♦ Severe medical conditions where pregnancy can be life threatening like pulmonary hypertension

The process of Surrogacy

The surrogate mother and the intended parents are properly counselled for the procedure. The surrogate mother will undergo virology screening, including HIV testing. The health of her endometrium is also tested through ultrasound scanning. The imperative procedures include stimulation of the ovaries, retrieval of the eggs (female partner or a donor, as per the program selected by intended parents), insemination with sperm (male partner or a donor, as per the program selected by intended parents) and simultaneously preparation of the surrogate mother's endometrium for the transfer of the embryos. After the culturing of embryos in the embryology laboratory, the transfer of the best embryo is performed to the uterus of the surrogate mother. As surrogacy involves delicate legal and ethical issues, the matter is reviewed and discussed carefully in our clinic. Appropriate legal contracts are made between the surrogate mother, Neelkanth Hospital and the intended parents before starting the procedure.


Success Stories of Happy Couple

Neelkanth Surrogacy - Where a positive approch makes all the difference.

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  • Thank You From the bottom of the heart

  • Thank you to Neelkanth Hospital for helping when we were almost hopeless from life. We had tried programs unsuccessfully with two other clinics prior to Neelkanth Hospital and their personal care is what makes them best among all. We are super excited that after more than 2 years of fertility treatments, Neelkanth Hospital successfully helped bring our miracle, Juhi .Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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  • Best Ivf hospital with best service and environment.

  • Best Ivf hospital with best service and environment. Thank-you for giving hopes to our hopeless life. I am really very thankful to you all for giving me such a beautiful gift. Had a wonderful experience with Neelkanth Hospital. They gave us the solution for all hurdles and complications we might face.And whtat satisfied me the most is that I didn't go through that much pain. Thank-you Neelkanth Hospital for helping us.
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  • Neelkanth made the experience so fast and easy for me

  • Being a first-time surrogate, ! The team has been absolutely amazing throughout the matching process. Whenever I did not feel comfortable with a potential profile, the social worker was very patient and understanding with me. She immediately began looking for a better fit for me, and because of her, I am now matched with an amazing couple who I am proud to be able to help. Thanks Neelkanth! :)"
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